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How Johannesberg Castle Works for a Sustainable, Positive Environmental Impact.

Johannesberg Castle is committed to and currently implementing many initiatives to promote a positive impact on the environment. We start by following current legislation and regulatory requirements that affect our business. We are sure to follow environmental recommendations that have been set forth, especially those that can provide an impact when executed within our work environment. We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of such implementations.

We take specific care to focus on measures that make a noticeable difference. For instance; since we are strong supporters of renewable energy; we have started a project in which we are installing solar cell panels on several of our buildings on the plant.

Additionally, we are proud to report that roughly 80% of the plant’s energy for heating & cooling comes from rock heat. The remaining energy is generated from air heat pumps. This combination of renewable energy usage helps in our goal to substantially reduce our use of fossil fuels. Actively lowering our carbon dioxide emissions is also a high priority and we work diligently in all respect of our daily activities to help accomplish this.

We are very conscientious about waste and take steps to lessen the amount of garbage we produce.
We also pride ourselves in the purchasing of organic and locally produced products whenever possible. Nearly all hotel laundry for the facility is done on premise as to reduce unnecessary transport. We also provide our own water (still and carbonated) to be served with all meals and at conferences.